Happily Ever After

  • 25th January 2020

“Happily ever-after” was the response by a young man when asked what name he would give a counseling agency. While his response was intended to be funny, the addition of sarcasm to his comment reflected a common mixture of hope and doubt; of suspicion and expectancy linked to seeking help…

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The Third Part of Nature vs. Nurture

  • 1st December 2019

They say hindsight is 20/20, which should mean that we have full knowledge or understanding of the impact of our previous choices. However, there is not always such a direct connection when it comes to child development. In the practice of pediatric neuropsychology, which is the study of brain and…

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Emotional expression, problem-solving and book therapy

  • 17th October 2019

Jonathan, his mother and I went to the beach together several times this summer. Jonathan is my first grandchild and is 18 months old. Jenny was excited to introduce him to the joy, peace and happiness that so many people experience at the ocean. Jonathan was afraid each time. As…

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Boundaries and…A Living Will?

  • 31st August 2019

Psychologists Henry Cloud and John Townsend published a classic book in 1992 entitled “Boundaries: When to Say YES — When to Say NO — To Take Control of Your Life”(1). This book has been a guide for many to define where their responsibilities lay and where other people need to…

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How You Can Improve Your Mood Today

  • 31st May 2019

Have you ever thought to yourself someone was “the worst” or “my friend is the best”? Perhaps you have considered how you have the worst boss or how you are a terrible person because of something you did one time. These are examples of black-and-white thinking and are thoughts almost…

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Change is the Only Constant in Life

  • 30th April 2019

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, has been quoted as saying, “Change is the only constant in life.” In Frankenstein, Mary Shelly wrote, “Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.” These quotes ring true as we navigate through life. Change is constant: relocation, normal life…

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Exercise, Your Mood Improvement Tool

  • 26th February 2019

“How does exercise affect your mood?”, I asked my fellow classmates after a recent early morning workout in the pool. The answers came back immediately and enthusiastically: “It helps me focus in the morning and calms me down at night. It makes me happy. If I’m stressed when I start,…

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Understanding Anxiety: It’s Worth the Work

  • 29th January 2019

The topic of anxiety is a common one, particularly in the counseling office; indeed, at times it seems everyone is discussing “my anxiety”, the “nation’s anxiety” and “our kid’s” anxiety. Reasons we experience anxiety are many although current events currently seem to be at the top of the list. As…

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