Ian Buterbaugh, MSW, LSW

Ian Buterbaugh is a Licensed Social Worker, and received a Master’s of Social Work from Marywood University. Ian has worked extensively with youth, young adults and families both clinically and in the community.  Ian served two years as a clinician in a trauma-focused residential treatment center for adolescents and teenagers, and has most recently been providing outpatient and community services.  Ian is trained in Trauma-Focused CBT, as well as several other evidence-based modalities.

Ian also received a degree in Theology from St. Mary’s Seminary & University, and has an extensive background in theater and live music. He loves playing hurling (an ancient Irish sport), baseball, basketball, and chess. Ian seeks to provide holistic support through his practice, viewing the human person as a comprehensive whole.

Ian works with children, adolescents, teenagers, and adults. Through an empathic and collaborative approach, Ian addresses a wide range of needs and challenges, including anxiety, depression, impulse control, emotional regulation, communication and social skills, and marital counseling.