Growing Through Discomfort

  • 8th April 2024

Growing Through Discomfort A few years ago, I had to go to physical therapy for a time because of a shoulder issue. At my initial evaluation we did things to assess my flexibility and strength and I answered questions about how my current condition was limiting my ability to perform all sorts…

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Understanding Anxiety

  • 4th January 2024

Understanding Anxiety Anxiety is a sense of apprehension, unease, agitation, or dread that something bad will happen, from rejection by others, failing at life’s tasks, to sickness, or death. We all have anxious thoughts as appropriate responses to stresses in life that are challenging; anxiety is a suffering that is…

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Anxiety in Children

  • 4th January 2024

  Anxiety in Children Anxiety is one of the most common mental health challenges experienced by people of all ages. Recent data indicates that approximately 30 percent of adults and adolescents have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives. That means that out of the…

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Dangers of Social Media for Youth

  • 5th June 2023

Dangers of Social Media for Youth 8-year-old Lalani “loved dressing up as a princess and playing with makeup.” (NY Times) 9-year-old Arriani liked basketball, kickball, and riding her bike. Neither of these girls is alive to enjoy any of her favorite activities anymore. Lalani and Arriani both died in 2021…

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A New Year

  • 1st January 2023

As one-year closes and another year begins there can be a plethora of emotions. The anticipation of a fresh new year can allow regrets surrounding goals not met in the year just ended to seep in; sadness surrounding failed expectations whether self-imposed or set by others. I have never forgotten…

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Journeying Through Dementia

  • 1st November 2022

Moving through different seasons in life, one invariably finds themselves wearing various hats. For me, in addition to being a psychologist, I am in that delicate place of being a caregiver to my parents and my young children. Many who read this will be in the same situation. Having advanced…

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Concentration: Natural and Trained Ability

  • 1st October 2022

Attention span and concentration abilities can vary for a variety of reasons, with some individuals simply having good abilities at baseline. There are also a variety of factors that can make concentration more challenging for some individuals, including both stable and modifiable medical factors (e.g., neurodevelopmental disorders, sleep difficulties, normal…

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Identity: Who Am I?

  • 1st September 2022

I love working with teenagers; what a privilege and life-enhancing experience! The developmental task in adolescence is that of Identity Conceptualization versus Role Confusion. The earlier 4 psycho-social developmental stages – Trust versus Mistrust, Autonomy versus Shame & Doubt, Initiative versus Guilt, and Industry versus Inferiority – have led up…

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The Do’s and Dont’s of Helping a Grieving Friend

  • 1st May 2022

Grief is a universal, unavoidable experience. And yet we live in a culture that is so very bad at dealing with grief. I recently went through a season of loss and grief and found some people were incredibly helpful in their responses and others were awkward, insensitive, and unhelpful. And…

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Promoting Positive Self-Esteem in Children

  • 1st April 2022

Self-esteem can be defined as confidence and satisfaction in oneself. Good self-esteem is the key to success as an adult. It plays a role in overall wellbeing and social happiness. Good self-esteem is not in our genetic makeup. Rather, it is acquired from what a child perceives about herself and…

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