Jennifer Ghee, LSW

About Jennifer Ghee

Jenn is a Licensed Social Worker in
the State of Pennsylvania since 2010.
Jenn works with individual clients
ages 8 and older on issues related to
depression, anxiety, stress, self-esteem, anger, trauma, and spiritual struggles. For her younger clients experiencing behavior issues, Jenn works not only with the child but
also with the child’s family to develop strategies to help manage those problem behaviors. Additionally, Jenn has worked in
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for over thirty years. She is passionate about using her personal experience and the unique insight it provides to help EMS providers,
police officers, firefighters and other first responders deal with PTSD and the everyday stresses of their jobs and lives.

Reaching out for help can be hard and I have a great deal of respect for each person who is
willing to come and share their stories and struggles with me. I strive to make my office a space that feels safe and comfortable,
where vulnerability is met with respect and compassion, tears and laughter can be shared, and no judgment is passed.

My work with each client is truly individualized, drawing upon evidence-based treatment as well as creative, unique approaches. I enjoy therapy with play for my
younger clients as well as art therapy for all clients. I especially appreciate cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused methods to
help clients achieve a life worth living. I try to help each client have a toolbox of both mental and physical coping strategies.
Perhaps most importantly, I want my clients to recognize their strengths and feel empowered to make changes in their lives.

Education & Experience

License and Certifications:
Licensed Social Worker –
State of Pennsylvania

License No. SW128365

Formal Training and Education
Master of Social Work (MSW)
Millersville University, PA

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
Millersville University, PA