Joanna Swartz, PsyD

About Dr. Swartz

Dr. Swartz is a clinical neuropsychologist and a licensed psychologist in the state of Pennsylvania. She enjoys working with a range of late elementary aged children through geriatric patients for various neuropsychological and neurological disorders, including multiple sclerosis, dementia, stroke, brain injury, neurocognitive problems secondary to medical comorbidities, and neurodevelopmental concerns (e.g.,
ADHD, Autism, learning problems,
intellectual disability, genetic conditions).

Besides clinical neuropsychological
assessment, Dr. Swartz conducts evaluations for specific clinical purposes, such as pain modulation, DBS, bariatric surgery, and adoption. She has also worked per diem at a
local physical medicine and rehabilitation hospital with experience on general medical,
stroke, and brain injury units. In addition to clinical work, Dr. Swartz has also provided training experiences to students at both
undergraduate and graduate levels of

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I initially became interested in neuropsychology partly due to personal
experience with family members who would
have benefitted from additional support in
caring for a loved one with a neurodegenerative condition. Currently in
my clinical work, I am grateful to be able to
provide support and assistance to individuals who are seeking to better-understand brain-behavior relationships for a variety of presenting concerns, whether for further understanding of themselves or loved
ones. Equally gratifying is the opportunity
to collaboratively identify evidence-based
treatment options and recommendations.

My approach to neuropsychological
evaluation includes thorough discussions
with patients and at times family members
regarding history and current concerns,
review of medical history and various records, and objective testing designed to
further elucidate cognitive strengths and
weaknesses. This increases clarity regarding
ways to address presenting concerns to
ultimately improve quality of life.

Education & Experience

License and Certifications:
Licensed Psychologist – Pennsylvania,

PA License: PS 018787

Formal Training and Education:
Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Clinical

Geisinger Medical Center

Psychological Internship
US Department of Veterans Affairs
– Sioux Falls VA Health Care

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Clinical

George Fox University; Graduate
Department of Clinical Psychology

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology

George Fox University, Graduate
Department of Clinical Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Professional
Counseling (B.S.)

Lancaster Bible College

Professional Memberships:
American Academy of Clinical
Neuropsychology (AACN)

National Academy of
Neuropsychology (NAN)

Pennsylvania Psychological
Association (PPA)