Delighting In Our Children

Twenty years ago, I read in a parenting book that the single most important message to convey to a child is that of delight in him.  Thinking about that as a young mother excited and encouraged me to do what felt natural and fun with my kids. I have since come to see that it … Read More

Men, Depression, and Toxic Masculinity

“Man up” “Boys don’t cry” “Be a man” “Don’t be such a girl” “Grow up” “Don’t be such a baby” “Get over it” We have all heard these phrases before. Subtle (and not-so-subtle) expressions are often utilized to help create an ideal of masculinity that is characterized by confidence, strength, composure, and success. Popular media … Read More

The 5 Love Languages

The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman is an excellent book to recommend to couples looking to improve their relationship. Dr. Chapman believes how people show love to one another can be divided into five different categories, at least one of which we use to express love and expect/hope to receive it. The five … Read More

The Evelyn Challenge

I have lately been reflecting upon what it means to be a good listener.  In fact, I have begun to ask clients themselves about what it does for them when someone listens…really listens…to them.  Here are some of the descriptions of what listening provides: “a soft place to fall…”, “I’m able to get my thoughts … Read More

Parenting the ADHD Kid

“My kid’s getting in trouble at school because he calls out in class and won’t stay in his seat!” “My kid won’t pay attention and I have to tell her three times before she’ll do what I ask!” “My kid won’t stop and think before he does something!” “My kid is bouncing off the walls!” … Read More

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is an annual practice in many cultures and religions around the world. The origin may be traced to the “Bedikat Chametz,” the ancient Jewish tradition of a thorough cleansing of the home before Passover. The Persian new year, Norouz, falls on the first day of spring, preceded by “khooneh tekouni,” literally translated “shaking … Read More

Why some resolutions succeed while others fail

  By this time, many people have already blown their New Year’s resolutions; whatever the resolution may be, from habit change to aspirations, the desire for change is a normal human experience, one that speaks to our innate desire for development. The fact that many of us continue to make bold declarations with the beginning … Read More

ADHD: The Great Imposter

If I had kept record over the many years I have been in practice, I would imagine that something over 50% of the children being referred were sent to me for neuropsychological evaluation with a question of potential Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Truly, many of us can cite instances of poor focus, distractibility, restlessness, and even … Read More

‘Reel’ Time As Post Holiday Therapy

It’s New Years again. Time for that nasty “R” word to rear its head.  You know it, don’t you? Yes, of course you do.  It’s those RESOLUTIONS.  Implied in the meaning of the word is the understanding that you plan to STOP doing one thing (i.e., the negative or ‘bad’) and START doing the opposite … Read More