The Teen Brain: Still Under Construction

  • 14th August 2015

One of the ways that scientists have searched for the causes of mental illness is by studying the development of the brain from birth to adulthood. Powerful new technologies have enabled them to track the growth of the brain and to investigate the connections between brain function, development, and behavior….

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Is It Emotional Eating or Something More?

  • 22nd July 2015

Are you an emotional eater or are you experiencing growing distress due to an eating pattern that seems out of control?  Emotional eating is a common way to cope with stress from time to time.  Many people can identify a particular “comfort food” and use food occasionally to ease emotional…

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Parent-Child Relationships

  • 12th May 2015

Trust is the Foundation for the Good Parent-Child Relationship. In Erik Erikson’s psycho-social model, the first developmental stage in the life of a child is Trust vs. Mistrust.  To trust is to believe that another’s words or actions are true and can be depended upon.  Mistrust is fear of not…

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